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  1. Amaro Vaca Mora Poli

    Temperatura di servizio: 10-15°C Gradazione: 32%Vol. L'amaro Vaca Mora Poli, è ottenuto per l'infusione in grappa e alcool in erbe aromatiche particolari per le loro proprietà digestive. Un amaro rinfrescante dalla nota di menta fresca e liquirizia, speziato e corposo. Learn More
  2. Limoncello Il Convento

    Alcohol content: 34%Vol. This product is made by the Pollio family using the skin of only the best Ovali di Sorrento IGP lemons. Possessing an intense yellow colour and an intense fruity scent it is ideal to end a meal with. Learn More
  3. Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

    Alcohol content: 35%Vol. This product owes its extraordinary aroma to the infusion of mountain herbs together with UE Nonino acquavit aged wine. Perfect for aperitifs or to end a meal with served with ice and orange skins. Learn More
  4. Amarot Amaro Artigianale

    Temperatura di servizio: 18°C Gradazione 28%Vol. L' Amarot (Amaro numero 8) è un amaro che viene ancora prodotto secondo la tradizionale ricetta a base di erbe e chinotto, dal sapore unico e intenso. Per non alterare il loro aroma, le erbe e le spezie vengono estratte a freddo. La maturazione del prodotto si presenta molto lunga per armonizzare tutti i vari elementi. L'Amarot si presenta in un colore bruno intenso con riflessi aranciati, il suo profumo ricorda note agrumate del chinotto e dell'arancio, insieme alla vaniglia, anice e liquirizia. Un ottimo compagno da gustare con del finissimo cioccolato fondente. Learn More
  5. Rum 7 anni Matusalem Solera

    Optimum serving temperature: 14/16°C Alcohol content: 40%Vol. Renamed the "Cognac of Rum" Matusalem rum was the favorite of Hemingway. With this rum strongly he characterized the American writer loved to prepare his Cuba Libre, the Grand Cuba Libre. Matusalem respects the Cuban-style '50s, the period from which the rum Matusalem occupied the most important slice of the market within the island, thanks to the "formula" secret that has remained unchanged and the solera system. Matusalem Solera reserva 7 years and Gran Reserva Solera 15 are produced from the processing of sugar cane molasses and represent the result of a perfect blend of different vintages. Learn More
  6. Passito IGT Moscato dello Zucco 2009 Cusumano

    €26.70 €31.80

    Optimum serving temperature:12/14°C Alcohol content:13%Vol. Passito IGT Moscato Zucco Cusumano is produced with a limited run of 8000 Annual Wine Glass Bottle. Moscato Zucco of Cusumano is a sweet wine made from Moscato Bianco grapes, one of the oldest native of Sicily. A product that has ancient origins and that is definitely a product representative of the beautiful Sicily. Ideal as a dessert. Learn More
  7. Rum Chairman's reserve Clément

    Optimum serving temperature: 14°C Alcohol content: 40%Vol. Chairman's Reserve Clément is a blend of rum that originates from the splendid island of Santa Lucia. Perfect both in terms of aroma and taste thanks its innate mellowness, Chairman's Reserve Clément Rum was rated “Best in class” at the 2008 'International Wine e Spirit Competition. Learn More
  8. Rum Dos Maderas 8 anni

    Optimum serving temperature: 13/15°C Alcohol content: 37,5%Vol. Dos Maderas is double-aged rum. Aged in two different stages, Dos Maderas rests first in the Caribbean from whence it originates, for 5 years in American oak barrels and then for 3 years in Spain at the Williams & Humbert distillery in Jerez, Andalusia. Its double ageing process in barriques makes Dos Maderas a truly special rum and one of the most unique in the world, boasting an unparalleled bouquet and a singularly smooth taste. Dos Maderas is excellent either on the rocks or as a base for luxury cocktails. Learn More
  9. Porto Ervamoira RP10 Ramos Pinto

    Optimum serving temperature: 18/22°C Alcohol content: 12,5%Vol. Ervamoira RP10 is a Porto Tawny which is obtained from a blend of wine aged 20 years. It's complex and harmonious with orange reflections for its long stay in the wood. On the nose presents a visual impact which reminds grapefruit, apricot, almond, hazelnut and cocoa, with hints of vanilla and mocha. On the palate is satisfying richness and concentration, with a closing really persistent. It should be served between 18 and 22 centigrades. Learn More
  10. Gin Mare 70 cl

    Gradazione: 42,7%Vol. Il Gin Mare è un gin mediterraneo aromatizzato con quattro botanici principali: basilico dall’Italia, timo dalla Grecia, rosmarino dalla Turchia, agrumi dalla Spagna e l’oliva Arbequina, cultivar tipica della Catalonia. Accanto ai classici ginepro, coriandolo, cardamomo, questi profumi mediterranei creano un gin dai tipici profumi e ricordi delle coste mediterranee. Un Gin riconoscibile già al primo sorso. Il suo profumo ricorda le erbe aromatiche e gli agrumi, al gusto si riconoscono sentori di ginepro e spezie. Learn More
  11. Passito di Pantelleria DOC Ben Ryè 2011 Donnafugata

    Optimum serving temperature: 10°C Alcohol content: 14,5%Vol. Ben Ryé Donnafugata is a Naturally Sweet White- Passito di Pantelleria DOC - obtained from Zibibbo grapes. Featuring a distinct personality, Ben Ryé Donnafugata is appreciated for its intense aromatic notes of apricot, peach, dried figs and honey, capable of offering the palate a combination of sweetness, acidity and smoothness. Ben Ryé Donnafugata can be paired with herb-flavoured cheeses, foie gras, ricotta-based deserts, dried fruit and almond paste. Learn More
  12. Cognac Xo Pale & Dry Delamain

    Optimum serving temperature: 15°C Alcohol content: 40%Vol. Xo pale & dry from Delamain house is a cognac which has an average age of over 20 years. It comes from the Grande Champagne, the best area of the Charente. It's elegant and sophisticated, Cognac Delamain Pale & Dry XO is exceptional refinement and balance. 'Pale' means the color which is paler, Pale & Dry XO is aged in old barrels and 'dry' indicates that there was no added sugar. Learn More
  13. Rum Brasil 1999 Samaroli

    Optimum serving temperature: 14/16°C Alcohol content: 45% Brasil Rum 1999 Samaroli, on the nose presents itself a surprising aroma of exotic fruit and cherry liqueur emerge from a bouquet of extraordinary power and an intensive pleasant cherry flavour. Origins of this Rum is evident due to a succulent sweetness and hamoniouse delicate taste with pleasant memory. Learn More
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